Quilts in Progress

I recently reorganized all my craft supplies, and a side benefit of that exercise was that I handled all my quilts in various states of (in)completion. I love starting new craft projects, and I’m very enthusiastic about the design phase, but I often get distracted and set in-progress projects aside in favor of shiny new ideas. Just physically handling some of these projects helps to get me excited to work on them again!

One of my goals when I first started quilting was to make quilts for both of my nieces and my nephew. My very first completed quilt was a gift for my older niece’s high school graduation. I’m currently working on this wonky star quilt for her younger sister:

Twenty wonky stars | Postmodern Craft

The stars will not be arranged in color order – I just did that to assess which colors are still lacking. I think I need more pinks, reds, and yellows. I love these stars. I’ve done a lot of variations on the basic wonky star block, just to keep myself interested, and I’m planning to do a post highlighting all the different variations soon.

Wonky stars detail | Postmodern Craft

I’ve also started a quilt for my nephew with a color scheme inspired by Caleb Gray’s Robot Factory fabric line: blues, greens, browns, and oranges. (Side note: I love that the Robot Factory fabric is organic cotton!) I mixed in a lot of non-robot fabrics in that color scheme so that he doesn’t outgrow the robot theme too quickly. My plan for this quilt is to do something similar to Film in the Fridge’s modified bento box. I have cut all the fabric, but only sewn one block so far. I’m excited to get back to this one.

Robot quilt block | Postmodern Craft

One other work-in-progress that I had basically forgotten about, but am excited to return to, is a handful of wonky nine-patch blocks made out of a Moda Sugar Pop layer cake. I’m not sure if I will dig out the rest of that layer cake and make more of these blocks, or just add a big border and make it into a simple baby quilt.

Wonky nine-patch quilt blocks | Postmodern Craft

This is not even close to a complete inventory of my quilting works-in-progress, but these are the projects that are most motivating me to sit at the sewing machine these days!

I’m linking up to WiP Wednesday on the Freshly Pieced blog. 



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  1. nohatsinthehouse March 13, 2013 — 10:56 am

    These are gorgeous! I especially love the colorful stars on the ashy brown background — the stars really shine. Can’t wait to see the final layout!

  2. These are all great quilts, but the stars are my favorite (so far!). Glad you found some new motivation to work on them 🙂

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