Container Garden: the Beginnings

One of the projects I’m most excited about this year is my little container garden. I dabbled in gardening last year, but I got started too late and then left on vacation at an inopportune time. This year, I am really committed to keeping up with it, and I am having so much fun with my little seedlings! I am a complete novice at gardening, so I’ve been reading a lot of gardening message boards on the internet to figure out how much water to give my plants, when to transplant them to bigger containers, etc. My conclusion is that no one agrees on how to do anything in the garden, and it’s all a big experiment. I like experiments!

So far, I have started seeds for onions, lettuce, spearmint, tomatoes, and poblano peppers. The onions sprouted early, but have already shriveled up and died, so I need to start anew. Anyone have advice for starting onion seeds?

Coming soon: zinnias, columbines, convolvulus, beans, peas, cilantro, and basil.

Seeds for Container Garden | Postmodern Craft

The lettuce is off to a good start! Lettuce 1 | Postmodern CraftLettuce 2 | Postmodern Craft

The poblano peppers are not too exciting yet. Peppers 1 | Postmodern Craft

Spearmint has been tiny for weeks, but just in the past few days has started growing noticeably.
Spearmint | Postmodern Craft

The excitement really lies in the tomatoes, for me. They are growing so quickly!
Tomatoes 1 | Postmodern CraftTomatoes 2 | Postmodern Craft

I am always excited to come home from work and see how much growth my little seedlings have done while I was gone. I can’t wait until summer comes and I can actually eat food grown on my own patio!


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