A Quilt for My Nephew

Bento Box Quilt Blocks | Postmodern Craft

I started this quilt more than a year ago, and then got busy with other things. I often get bored with a quilt once I’ve designed it, and that’s what I think might be happening with this one. All the fabric is cut, and the only design choice left is which strips are used together to create each block, so it doesn’t feel as exciting as the color/fabric selection process. I think I’ve been away from it long enough that it’s starting to feel more interesting again, and I made a few blocks over the past few days. I am using this modified bento box tutorial from Film on the Fridge. I’ve made four of a planned sixteen blocks so far. The blocks will be cut into quarters and rearranged to make blocks looking something like this:

Bento box blocks folder | Postmodern Craft

I think once all the blocks are done and I get to cut them apart and rearrange them and sew them back together, I’ll enjoy making this quilt more!

I must admit, designing a quilt for a boy is a lot of fun, but I am a little bit worried that my nephew will outgrow the robot theme quickly. I am planning to piece a quilt back using scraps from the non-robot fabrics that he can use as the quilt front when he gets older. I am going to start alternating sewing these bento box blocks with making some improv blocks using the scraps. I think that will help me with my boredom, too!

I used a Google Docs spreadsheet to keep track of the fabrics I used and which pieces I would use them for (and how much the fabric cost). Does anyone else do this? Am I completely OCD?

Quilt spreadsheet | Postmodern Craft

I am linking up to Lee’s Work in Progress Wednesday.



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  1. I like your spreadsheet idea! I’m just a LITTLE to work as you go to keep all my info together, though I’ve often seriously considered tracking it. I think I’m kind of afraid of how the numbers will add up as well. I love the robots in these blocks and I really like how the one with the blue medallion in the the middle kind of “dresses up” a kid theme!

  2. That is going to be really cute. I have to say I don’t keep track quite like that. I do purchase pieces for something I will make and give away. If I don’t use it all then I figure that as bonus in the cost and save that for a scrappy quilt which I then think of as free. 🙂

  3. Great colour choices for a boy’s quilt, much more attractive than shades of blue by itself

  4. Great quilt! Once you chopped up those blocks it makes it so much more fun!

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