Etsy Wish List: Garden Edition

I am a big fan of “window shopping” on Etsy. I can spend hours dreaming of all the handmade and vintage pretty things I would fill my home (and wardrobe) with, given unlimited budget. I’m trying to cut down on the “things” I bring into my life right now, so it really is window shopping at this point. Still, given my current obsession with my little garden, and all things vegetables, it’s hard to resist these pretty things!


1. I am obsessed with this bowl. Obsessed. I might have to break the budget for this one.
2. This print makes me crave pizza. I’m very excited to make gluten free pizza with tomatoes from my own garden this summer!
3. This advertisement for a farmers’ market is so strikingly graphic.
4. I love this tea towel with gardening accoutrements!
5. These seasonal veggie tea towels are so happy colored.
6. I have a magnet on my fridge with the Eleanor Roosevelt quote featured on this print. It’s one of my favorites: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
7. This print featuring canned tomatoes is lovely. And anything in a foreign language is very hipster, no?
8. How many tea towels do I really need?


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