Container Garden Update

I am still in love with my little garden. I’ve started transplanting the tomato and poblano pepper seedlings to larger pots, and the tomatoes are really taking off. They are starting to look like real plants, not just baby seedlings!



I gave up on my original onion seedlings and tried starting some new seeds. So far, I’m still having the same problem: the seed casing is so heavy for the tiny little stem that it loops over. Any advice for a gardening newbie on what to do with these onions?


I also started more lettuce seeds and and another type of mint, and I’m trying to get some columbine seeds going but they are proving tricky. At this point, I only care about successfully growing tomatoes and anything else will be a bonus!


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  1. what adorable baby plants – i’m sure you are already doing this, but i’d definitely advise turning the tomatoes around, so they grow straight rather than to one side. i turn my seedlings once a day at the moment, and it seems to be straightening them out.

    with the casings, i’ve very carefully removed them from some seedings, when they seem to be struggling – it’s been a problem only really with my beetroot seedlings, which generally struggled for some time (after i killed the first lot!). good luck – they are looking wonderful.

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