April Snow Brings May Flowers?

Snowy Plants | Postmodern Craft

It was an absurdly snowy April here in Colorado, with multiple snowstorms delivering 12″ or more, and then 8″ more on May 1st!. There were also numerous beautiful days with temperatures in the 60s and 70s, so I’ve been hauling my plants in and out. I’ve also acquired quite a few additional plants since I last wrote an update on my little container garden.

Garden, April 27th | Postmodern Craft

Veggies: I started lettuce, green onions, cherry tomatoes, and poblano peppers from seed. I also purchased a “bush Goliath” tomato start after realizing that my tomato seedlings would be cherry tomatoes, because I am not that fond of cherry tomatoes! The cherry tomato seedlings are really thriving, and I think they’ll be big enough to move outside soon. The lettuce and onions are already outside.

Two Tomatoes | Postmodern Craft

Herbs: The concept of fresh herbs on demand is one of the most appealing parts of having a container garden. I am usually cooking for one, and only cook a few times a week, so I often only need a sprig of mint for a cocktail or a handful of cilantro in a recipe, not a huge bunch. I hate throwing out food because I couldn’t use it up quickly enough, so the ability to step out onto the patio and cut just the amount that I need will make for a much happier sometimes-chef this summer. I unsuccessfully attempted to start spearmint from seed, and got tired of failing, so I purchased a spearmint plant from the farmers’ market a few weeks ago. Over the past few weeks, I’ve also acquired Genovese basil, rosemary, sage, and thyme, all from the farmers’ market. I am planning to start cilantro seeds soon.

Herbs in Cupholders | Postmodern Craft

Flowers: Flowers aren’t a huge focus for me, but I want to have some color in the garden along with the veggies and herbs. I purchased a gerbera daisy plant from Home Depot a few weeks ago because gerbera daisies are one of my all-time favorite flowers. I have been struggling to get some columbine seeds started – I understand that they need a cold start in the fridge, but I’ve tried several times with different lengths of time in the fridge, and nothing is happening. Columbines are my favorite flower (I have a tattoo of a columbine, and it’s the state flower of Colorado) so I went ahead and purchased two varieties of columbines from the farmers’ market. One of the columbines has bloomed, but the other hasn’t bloomed yet. I’ve started several varieties of zinnia seeds and they are growing quickly! And last weekend I purchased a large peony plant at farmers’ market. It hasn’t bloomed, but the greenery alone is very striking and attractive.

Columbine flower | Postmodern Craft

Seriously, it’s been a lot of snow…

Snowy Patio | Postmodern Craft


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