Patio Farm 2.0

It’s almost April, and I’m so excited to get back to container gardening! Over the winter, I accumulated about 5 new houseplants and probably 8 new succulents, but indoor plants just aren’t as exciting to me as those grown on the Patio Farm. This succulent that’s flowering is pretty exciting, though:

Flowering Succulent | postmodern craft

I’ve started a few seeds so far. Lettuce and spinach are already sown outdoors, but nothing is happening on that front yet. Indoors, I have tomato, sweet pepper, and cilantro seedlings starting to emerge! I am committed to growing more plants from seed this year, instead of purchasing starts. I will be attempting to grow lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, sweet peppers, hot peppers, tomatillos, beans, peas, green onions, cilantro and basil from seed this year! I am most excited about trying a few different varieties of basil and making lots of pesto.

Last weekend, I made a DIY small compost bin. I just took a plastic storage tub, drilled approximately 400 holes in it (and one hole in my thumb), and started putting kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, newspaper, and dead leaves in it. It’s pretty small, so I’m not sure how much compost I’ll actually be able to produce this summer, but I’m hopeful that it works well. I figure that anything that diverts waste from the landfills is a good thing.

In other garden news, I think that somehow, seeds from flowers I planted last year must have blown onto a gravelly area near my patio and survived the winter, because I spotted this familiar looking little flower today:

Unexpected beauty | postmodern craftEither that, or there’s a guerrilla gardener in our midst, adding unexpected beauty to blah landscaping! (I think I prefer that explanation, actually.)


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