Do it now.

It’s been quite a while since I sat down to write anything in this space. Mostly due to extreme challenges with my computer; I have such a small hard drive that I constantly have to be shifting photos to my external hard drive (and cloud backup) to make room for new photos, and it’s such an ordeal that I end up putting it off for months, which just makes it worse! I’ve been reluctant to blog knowing what a hassle it will be to access the photos that I’d like to use, and blogs without photos aren’t that appealing. Life has changed for me, too, as it is wont to do. This is normal: relationships end, work piles up, three months in London go by in a flash. It’s been more than a year since life felt “normal” for me. I have a burning desire to get back into a routine, and one that includes healthy creative outlets including blogging.

I wasn’t actually planning to restart blogging today, but then I remembered my “one little word” for 2015: now.  One Little Word is a recurring feature by Ali Edwards, who must be one of the first bloggers I ever started following. The idea is to have one word that becomes a mantra or point of inspiration for an entire year. This is the third year that I’ve picked a word. In 2012, I picked “invest” (in relationships, family, and my own future) and in 2013, I picked “smile.” This year, my word is “now.” Do it now. No more procrastination. This is the only life I’m given, and no amount of waiting for life to “return to normal” is going to slow the passage of time. Thus, I’m blogging today, with zero photos. Sorry.

My only other New Year’s resolution is to abide by the capsule wardrobe philosophy. I am definitely that person who has a stuffed closet but constantly feels like she has nothing to wear. I don’t know my own style very well. I spend a lot of money on cheap clothes that I end up hating, and occasionally on expensive clothes that I also end up hating. So I’m excited about this experiment. I’ve seen lots of bloggers take on the capsule wardrobe challenge and they all have slightly different rules. My rules: I will limit myself to 42 items of clothing (excluding underwear, pajamas, workout wear, accessories, and jewelry) for 3 months at a time. Swaps are allowed in the first two weeks of the quarter; after that time, everything that’s not in the capsule wardrobe will go into storage. No clothes shopping until the last two weeks of the quarter, when I will plan my spring capsule wardrobe. I’m going to pay close attention to which items of clothing I wear over and over again, and which items of clothing I wish I had had, to help me figure out my style and shop smarter in the future.

I’m looking forward to the adventures that 2015 will bring! I’m hoping that the “now” mentality will mean more spontaneity and also more contentment with what I have, rather than waiting for some idealized future state.

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