My First Stitch Fix

I am newly obsessed with Stitch Fix. It’s such a great concept. Here’s how it worked: I filled out a form regarding my style preferences, body type, body parts I want to cover up or accentuate, and price ranges for different types of clothing. I requested that my first Stitch Fix include casual items that would be good for farmers’ market, brunch, and other weekend activities. A personal stylist picked out five pieces of clothing that she thought I would like and mailed them to me, along with a card showing different ways to style each clothing item. I had three days to try everything on and pick what I wanted to keep, and then I stuck everything in a prepaid envelope and dropped it in a mailbox. I paid an initial $20 styling fee, which I could apply to the cost of the items that I chose to keep. Super easy.

Here’s what came in my first Stitch Fix: First Stitch Fix | postmodern craft

The stylist even looked at my Pinterest boards to see what kind of styles I’ve been craving lately, and it was evident in her choices – I have pinned lots of stripes and colored jeans! I really liked everything she picked, but had some fit issues with the maxi dress and the skirt. Ultimately, I only kept the mustard colored jeans, because they were my favorite of the bunch. They are very well-made, high quality, and super comfortable! After I made my decisions about what to keep, I was able to provide feedback on each item’s style, fit, quality, and cost; the feedback will be used to make future selections even more tailored to my preferences and quirks.

The one thing I dislike about this service is that you have to schedule your “fixes” far in advance – about 5-6 weeks. I wish that I could schedule another one before my upcoming trip to New York City. I really like the fact that you can describe what you’re looking for and tell the stylist about upcoming events that you might like to have something special for, and they will take that into account when picking your items. I scheduled my next fix for May, and asked the stylist to send an outfit that would be cute and flattering for my high school reunion in June. I can’t wait to see what my next fix brings!

Some advice if you haven’t done a Stitch Fix before:

  1. If you are on Pinterest, give Stitch Fix the link to your Pinterest board and update it – make sure your most recent pins are styles that you would love to receive, not things you already have or that you admire but wouldn’t wear yourself.
  2. Describe any fit issues you tend to have in your initial style survey as well; for instance, I often have trouble with tailored shirts because of my broad shoulders.
  3. Be realistic about your size preferences – if you tend to be between two sizes (as I am), state that in your initial style survey.
  4. Be realistic about your price preferences as well. I realized after my first fix that I chose the $50-100 price range for a few categories of clothing that I really don’t want to spend that much on, and I should have selected the “As Cheap As Possible” option!

I can’t emphasize enough how much fun this experience was for me. It pushed me out of my comfort zone just enough by sending a few things I wouldn’t necessarily have tried on in stores, and it also got me thinking about how I can use some clothes that I already own in more stylish ways. I truly can’t wait for my new fix to come.

Note: All opinions are my own; I really am this giddy about Stitch Fix ! I did not receive any compensation for this post, but the links are referral links and I would earn a small credit toward future purchases if anyone signed up through my referral link! 


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  1. Looks like a great fix- I love the mustard-colored jeans! I had good luck this go around as well- it really is a great company!

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